Bespoke machinery manufacture.

We manufacture customer’s production equipment to their drawings. Recently we have completed contracts to global market leaders.


Production maintenance.

We can provide maintenance on a customer’s site if required.


Latest Products


Hybrid Bulk packing machine.


The company is in the final stages of developing the Hybrid Bulk Packing machine. This machine will be available autumn 2009. The machine is designed to fill Drums of wire. These drum can be round or hexagonal in shaped. The new machine will not twist or damage the wire. It is primary designed for larger gauge wire typically 2.4mm up to 8mm in diameter. However it will run smaller gauge wire. The speed of the machine will be up to 25 metres per second depending on the wire type. Initial speed trials are expected over the next couple of weeks


Spool payoff or Winder


The spool payoff or winder is designed for a wire drum. These wire drums usually have a maximum weight 200Kg. This means that the maximum weight of wire on the drum can be up to 800Kg. The maximum wire speed of this payoff is 32 metres per second.


These payoffs are used in conjunction with other pieces of our equipment and can be used in conjunction with other supplier’s equipment.


AC or DC motors will be fitted depending on a customer’s specification.


A dancer unit usually is installed before or after the spool payoff or winder. The dancer unit controls the speed of the spool payoff or winder. This is necessary to maintain the wire tension.


Latest Products